About WalletX


WalletX is the future of smart wallet technology. It is designed to empower its users with state-of-the-art security, unparalleled flexibility, and innovative monetization opportunities built over a unique P2P advertisement layer. Discover the WalletX difference and how we’re redefining the interaction between users, decentralized applications (dApps), and the broader web3 ecosystem.

Problem Statement:

In the current landscape of on-chain and Web3 wallet usage, users are not incentivized for engaging in on-chain activities or utilizing Web3 wallets such as Metamask. Likewise, web3 advertisers struggle to connect with on-chain users and execute targeted advertisements in a Web3 manner.


WalletX offers a unique solution by providing sponsored gas transactions for users during their transactions. In exchange for sponsored gas, users will view advertisements from sponsors and earn EXP points. These EXP points are convertible to USDT or WAX tokens, offering users tangible rewards for their engagement. The cornerstone of this solution lies in WalletX's pioneering Peer-to-Peer (P2P) advertisement layer, marking the world's first implementation of such technology in the Web3 ecosystem.

Cutting-edge Features:

  • Gasless Transactions: Execute transactions across major EVM networks without paying gas fees.
  • Non-Custodial Security: Retain complete control over digital assets with WalletX's non-custodial security model.
  • Seamless dApp Connectivity: Explore the decentralized web effortlessly with WalletX's seamless dApp integration.
  • Multichain Support: Manage assets across multiple blockchain networks seamlessly.
  • Multi-Wallet Support: Manage multiple wallets within the same WalletX extension with unique seed phrases.
  • User Dashboard: Access a comprehensive dashboard to track activity, earn EXP rewards, and engage with advertisers who sponsored them.
  • EXP Conversion: Get incentivised for doing activities as an early user and earn EXPs. Convert your EXP points to USDT or hold for future conversion into WAX tokens in October 2024.

WAX Tokenomics:

  1. Fixed Total Supply: 500 million $WAX
  2. Tokenomics Supply (on smart contract):
    1. June 2024: Pre-seed round for Investors & KOL (5% of Total Supply)
    2. October 2024: Conversion of EXPs to $WAX for WalletX users (50% of Total Supply)
    3. December 2024: 5% for Community DAO Funds unlocked every 60 days (30% of Total Supply)
    4. February 2024: 5% for Team Allocations unlocked every 60 days (15% of Total Supply)
  3. Fair Launch: WAX tokens will be fairly launched from the User Dashboard. Early users will receive EXPs for engaging with WalletX activities, which can be converted to WAX tokens.
  4. Utility: Stake WAX for exclusive benefits and participate in Community DAO Funds Governance.

Join WalletX:

Experience the future of smart wallet technology with WalletX. Join our community today and redefine your Web3 experience!